Our Mission

We take a proactive approach to Risk Management. We will implement it into your business without affecting your operations. We will rethink and improve your existing strategy to Risk Management at all levels.

To protect employees Health, Safety and Wellbeing, to protect yourself and the business from prosecution, increase your profit, protect your reputation and goodwill to your clients, and to ensure you meet your Compliance, Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

What we do

Odyssey Business Consultants was established in July 2016 in which to provide a unique service providing solutions to your business needs.

All companies have a duty of care to their employees and compliance to legislation can be very confusing, this is where we can provide that solution to your responsibilities.

Working with you every step of the way, these matters will not be confusing anymore, it just takes understanding of the applicable laws and the reasons behind them and once implemented and maintained, your business will continually evolve in the right direction.

I have a team of colleagues and business partners who are able to provide specialist services outside of my remit in which to assist me where necessary, such as medical screening, fitness and health programs, optometrist, back to work programs, physiotherapy, external training providers and suppliers of equipment and materials required for your operations at preferential rates.

Certification to International Standards

If you require these International Standards, Odyssey Business Consultants will ensure you reach certification and provide training with ongoing audit and surveillance in place.

Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery & Major Incident planning

Understanding your business, Odyssey Business Consultants can create and validate a practical and logistical plan for how your organisation will recover and restore operations

Data Protection, ICO and GDPR

Odyssey Business Consultants can help you ensure that you comply with the Data Protection Act and will be ready for GDPR Requirements and Compliance


We provide training in all matters related to Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Legislation to Board Level and all employees

Fleet, Asset, and Facilities management

Managing the key assets and facilties are fundamental to your continued success of your business. Odyssey are experts in this area.

Government Legislation

There are a number of basic legal acts that every business is required to abide by in the Health and Safety at Work arena. We are experts in assessing the potential risks to your business.

An odyssey - A long and exciting or adventurous journey or experience.

Why Odyssey?

No business likes to pay for something they feel does not make them money, but you have to meet your Legal requirements and compliance.

Rather than just ticking that box, Odyssey Business Consultants offer a number of key services to make your investment in these areas work for you and streamline your business operations.

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